Basic Anatomy 

 So it comes down to this. You want to make it into comics. Or maybe you simply want to draw a little smoother. A little more fluid. That's what it is eventuallyright? You're looking for art to expand your horizons. To model yourself off of. To try to find those little tips and tricks to help you open your eyes and inspire you to the next level.

Here's where I'll try to help and impart a few tips and tricks and hints to help you along. Believe in it as you will.

People ask me "How can I draw better?"  Honestly? I don't know. There isn't a special formula for it.

To get better is more than just memorizing anatomy and colorwheels, it's understanding where your deficiencies lie and practicing untill those deficiencies vanish. I once thought, that once I reached a certain level, there was no way to get any better. There was no more need to practice and try to improve on "perfection".  But then a very important person in my life left me. And before he left, he gave me these final words to live by...

"No matter how good you are, nothing
ever takes the place of practice...."

Good Journeys,
Tony Moy