Spider sense.... tingling.....must stop ...
embarrassing photogra...

 Normally there's suppose to be some overly dramatic pensive shot of me contemplating the inner value of life over a partially completed rendering at a drawing table, but i felt that this was a bit more poignant.

I live, work, and play in Chicago as an instructor at an Art College and tech consultant by day and an aspiring artist by nite, fitting any semblance of life in between.  je l'aime chicago, me piace chicago, me gusta chicago... did i mention chi-town rocks?

I have a handful (literally) of independent comics under my belt, which have culminated with a Dungeons and Dragons issue a few years back.  Always looking for that next script love that feeling of just getting that perfect pose and layout for the perfect moment.

All sorts of music flitters through my head while I plant myself at the drawing table.  Everything from Classical Concertos(Bach and Beethoven) to  italian Arias (laura Pausini, Bocelli) and Japanese Pop (X, Zard) to trance(Oakenfold) and whatever has splattered its way up todays top 40 (the Killers). 

Major Influences would definitely include Jim Lee, Travis Charest, Joe Quesada, Frazetta, John Howe, Alan Lee, any others.